“Shooting Free Throws” published in Soundings, Spring/Summer 2011

“The Bedfellow” published in KNOCK, issue #15, January 2012

“How Narcissistic Am I?” published in the Bacopa Literary Review, May 2012
Video from a Reading

“Outnumbered on a Friday Night” published in Six Minute Magazine, Fall 2012

“Under the Wolf Moon” published at Terry Persun’s Doublesight website

“Ask the Cats”  published in Fireside Magazine #11, March 2014

“Just a Stage” published in the anthology Flash Fiction Funny

“Conjure Man” published by Strange Horizons

“Paradox. Lost.” published in Fiction River: Visions of the Apocalypse


“Between Plausibility and Truth” published in Shark Reef, Summer issue, July 2011

“Pinging the Gods” published in Witches and Pagans, #24

“Engineering Coincidence” published in Cirque, Vol.3, #2, 2012 Summer Solstice Issue.


“Trouble Sleeping the Night Before a Big Test” published in The Prose-Poem Project, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Fall 2011
Video from a Reading

“Phillips Head” published in Third Wednesday, Fall 2011

“Society” published in 42 Magazine, September 2012.

“Bang” published in Strange Horizons, March 2013.


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