Books in Print


The House on Cedar Street

Stealing from Pirates

Lunar Alchemy

The Patron Saint of Necromancers

Fade to Gold

Caught Between Monsters

Targeting Telepathy

With a Broken Sword (a short novel)

Twice Against the Dragon

Immoral Telepathy

Sleight of Mind

Magician’s Choice

Surviving Telepathy

On the Edge of Faerie: A Modern Fairy Tale Novella
(Previously published as But Hold Me Fast and Fear Me Not)

Sudden Death (a short novel)

Short Stories and Compilations

Between Dawn and Dusk

Dead Dog by My Side

When We Come to It

Bind by the River

Confronting Legends

Drinking and Conjuring Don’t Mix

The Curse of Valassa

Not Wisely but Too Well

Betting on a Legend

Not That Kind of Wizard

Hunt for a New Life

Poetry Collections

Uncle Stone Teeth and Other Macabre Poems

Other Credits


“Shooting Free Throws” published in Soundings, Spring/Summer 2011

“The Bedfellow” published in KNOCK, issue #15, January 2012

“How Narcissistic Am I?” published in the Bacopa Literary Review, May 2012
Video from a Reading

“Outnumbered on a Friday Night” published in Six Minute Magazine, Fall 2012

“Under the Wolf Moon” published at Terry Persun’s Doublesight website

“Ask the Cats”  published in Fireside Magazine #11, March 2014

“Just a Stage” published in the anthology Flash Fiction Funny

“Conjure Man” published by Strange Horizons

“Paradox. Lost.” published in Fiction River: Visions of the Apocalypse

“Quest for Beer” published in Fiction River: Tavern Tales


“Between Plausibility and Truth” published in Shark Reef, Summer issue, July 2011

“Pinging the Gods” published in Witches and Pagans, #24

“Engineering Coincidence” published in Cirque, Vol.3, #2, 2012 Summer Solstice Issue.


“Trouble Sleeping the Night Before a Big Test” published in The Prose-Poem Project, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Fall 2011
Video from a Reading

“Phillips Head” published in Third Wednesday, Fall 2011

“Society” published in 42 Magazine, September 2012.

“Bang” published in Strange Horizons, March 2013.

Roleplaying Games

Heart of the Machine (Mystic Eye Games, 2003)

“The Riddle and the Ring” (in Siege on Ebonring Keep, Mystic Eye Games, 2003)

“Depths of Reason” (in Song of the Deep, Mystic Eye Games, 2003)

“Silibin’s Salvage Shipyard” (Gaming Frontiers #3)

“The Fair Arbiters Guild” (Gaming Frontiers #4)

“Alternative Enchantments” (d20 Weekly, February 2003)