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Ready to Spin the Wheel of Time — 4 Comments

  1. Butcher has an end to Dresden, he claims. 25 books followed by an “apocalyptic” trilogy. As long as James Marsters is doing the audio, I’ll keep listening. Have you tried Cherryh’s Foreigner books?

    • I have heard as much about The Dresden Files, and I hope if works out that way. I also expect the Vlad Tdtos series to run eighteen books, one for every house, plus Taltos. Nineteen, if he includes one for the Jenoine.

      I’ve read the first of the Foreigner books for that one LARP. I have yet to read the others though.

  2. I adored the Wheel of Time. I even enjoyed the bad books in the series. 🙂 I nearly didn’t make it through book one, though. But once I got a couple hundred pages in, I couldn’t stop. I hope you end up loving it, but if not . . . there’s plenty else to read!

    • Always. It was start this or David Farland’s Runelords series (or, let’s be honest, one of the other series waiting on my shelves). I hope I get far enough into The Eye of the World that we can discuss it some at the Thriller class.

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