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  1. Hey Stefon,

    I HEAR you. I had heart surgery last week, and honestly the amount of time and anxiety spent dealing with my insurance company and its 7 levels of bureaucracy eclipsed the worries I had about the actual dangers of the surgery itself.

    I can’t speculate about people I’ve never met, and I’ve never met most of the people in the country who count themselves as opponents to Obamacare. Even the people in my own life who are against the Affordable Care Act, I honestly can’t figure out what’s going on in their heads. A vicious skepticism about the efficacy of government is a contributing factor, but more than that it strikes me that, for the people I know (who are few, to be honest) there’s a certain sense of… I think they might call it fairness. They don’t want to work for something that others are given for free, without taking into account the lives that those other people are living.

    Obamacare is important for a lot of reasons, and while I share your frustration with it not being all it could be, the one thing it does well is support artists. Artists of all kinds–painters, poets, writers, sculptors–if they are lucky enough to be able to make a living through their art, will now be able to get health insurance that’s worth having. It’s larger than that. Artists and entrepreneurs of all kinds will no longer be punished for having a great idea and striking out on their own. We’ve built a country on creativity, innovation and hard work, and I really hope we don’t betray those roots by acquiescing to, as you so aptly put it, the tantrums of cranky two-year-olds.

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